The Calendar for the month of August 2019 is available.

More Events

  • August 1st – 7pm Movie Night
  • August 6th – 10:30 am Falls Prevention Program
  • August 6th – 2pm John and his Accordion
  • August 7th – 3:15pm Therapeutic Hot Wax Baths for your hands
  • August 11th – Second Sunday Friends
  • August 12th – 3:15pm Current Events
  • August 14th – 10:15am Alan and his Cello
  • August 14th – 10:30am Anglican Church Service
  • August 14th – 2:15am Group Walk
  • August 16th – 11:30am-1:30pm BBQ Lunch!
  • August 21st – 3:15pm Memory Games
  • August 23rd – 2pm Root Beer Floats
  • August 26th – 3:15pm Residents Council
  • August 28th – 10:30am Baptist Church Service
  • August 28th – 2:00 Birthday Party with Debbie Immell
  • August 28th – 7PM Hymn Sing

Roman Catholic Church Services are every Friday at 9:30am
Falls Prevention Exercise Classes are every Tuesday at 10:30am and every Thursday afternoon at 3:30pm. All are welcome.
Movie nights are every other Thursday at 7pm