Activities are offered seven days a week and are designed to meet the physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs of our residents.

We endeavor to create programs that are rewarding and responsiveness to your needs and we are always open to new and fresh ideas.

  • Pet Therapy
  • Shuffleboard
  • Tea Hour
  • Movie Matinee Madness
  • Health & Beauty
  • Bocce Ball
  • Bingo
  • Build your own Sundae
  • Happy Hour
  • Monthly Tours
  • Euchre Hour
  • Ladder Ball
  • Craft Corner
  • Get Baked!
  • Safety & Security
  • Entertainment
  • Bowling
  • Brain Boot Camp
  • Seniors Kids Intergenerational Program (SKIP)

Events at Amber Lea Place for January February 2018

January 24th Baptist Church
January 25th Falls Prevention Class
Movie Night 7pm
January 26th Roman Catholic Church Service
Birthday Party with Dan Clahane
January 29th Manicures
January 30th Falls Prevention Class
Skip kids are in at 2pm
January 31st Group Exercises in the front lounge

February 1st Falls Prevention Class
February 2nd Roman Catholic Church
Hot Chocolate Fest at 2pm
February 6th John and his accordion
February 8th Anglican Church Service
Falls Prevention Class at 3:30pm
February 9th Roman Catholic Church Service
Baking Class with Keith at 2:00pm
February 12th Therapeutic Colouring
February 13th Olympic Hockey Begins
Falls Prevention Class
February 14th Valentine’s Day Crafts
February 15th Olympic Curling
Falls Prevention Class at 3:30pm

February 16th Chinese New Year’s Lunch
February 20th Olympic Bob Sled
February 22nd Olympic Medals Presentation
Falls Prevention Class
February 23rd Roman Catholic Church Service
February 26th Manicures
February 27th Skip kids are in! at 2:00pm
February 28th Baptist Church Service at 10:30am
Birthday Party at 2:00pm
Spiritual Time 7-8pm (Front Lounge)