The Calendar for the month of March 2020 is available.

Events for June 2020

  • June 1st Lower Floor Exercise begin
  • June 2nd Main Floor Exercises begin
  • June 3rd- 2nd floor exercises begin
  • June 4th- Ice cream fest in the hallways
  • June 8th- Lower Floor Exercises
  • June 9th-Main floor Exercises and Manicures
  • June 10th- Second Floor Exercises
  • June 15th- Lower floor Exercises
  • June 16th- Main floor Exercises
  • June 17th- Second Floor Exercises
  • June 18th- Strawberry Fest in the hallways
  • June 22nd-Lower floor exercises and Foot care Nurse
  • June 23rd- Main floor exercises and Foot Care Nurse
  • June 24th- Second floor exercises
  • June 30th- Concert in the hallways

Throughout the weeks Residents families are booking time for FaceTime chats and window visits. This will continue for the near future.