Hi Ruby,

It has been a very difficult time dealing with the recent passing of my mom, however I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your entire staff for taking such great care of her these past almost 2 years.  Like most I assume, my mom was quite resistant with having to leave her home, but it did not take her very long to adjust to her new life at Amber Lea Place.   She felt safe and secure there and always knew that if there was anything she needed, someone on your staff would address that need with a big smile and a willingness to help.
My mom took an immediate liking to Keith and I know just from my daily conversations with her that he has an innate gift as it relates to elderly care.  My mom would often tell me that Keith brought her an ice cream sundae or a cold drink while she was enjoying the yard which made her feel quite special.  Keith seemed to be one of her first topics of conversation each day and it made me feel good knowing that he was doing things that I would have been doing for her if I could have been there.
I would like to mention that my mom also truly appreciated Sue and all of the nursing staff who were so helpful and patient with her.  The maintenance man (sorry I cannot recall his name) was always there to help whenever her cable would go out or phone not work, as a result of something she should not have touched.  And, there was one particular cook (again sorry I don’t have her name) that knew every one of my mom’s likes and dislikes and always made her feel special by stopping by to say hello.
I will close by saying that my mom thoroughly enjoyed interacting with each of your staff members.  Sorry, she was bad with names, otherwise I would have mentioned more of them.
Continue all the good things you are doing there and again thank you for the special care you bestowed upon my mom.
Gratefully yours,
Mark & Linda McKenzie